TSD 0020: Colliodial Arrays & Nanosphere Lithography
TSD 0028: Con A
TSD 528: BioMag® and Cell Sorting
TSD 591: Cell Sorting Using BioMag® anti-Human Leukocyte Particles
TSD 727: Phagocytosis
TSD 0727a: Phagocytosis References
TSD 746: Particles for Filter and Membrane Challenge Testing
TSD 0712 Repeatability of Coulter Z2 and Vi-CELL Counts Using ViaCheck™ 0.5e+6 Concentration Controls
TSD 0748 Cell Labeling & Tracking
TSD 0756 Fluorescent Multiphoton Detection


105: Microsphere Size Standards 
Beads for cell size estimation, filter challenge, and instrument checks and calibrations. NIST-traceable standards from 0.27µm to 25µm. (09/07)

106: Confocal Standards 
Using fluorescent bead standards in confocal microscopy. (08/07)

206: Equations
For calculating particles/mL, surface area/g, "parking area," settling velocity @ 1G and in centrifuge, etc. (10/12)

208: Microsphere Sizing
BLI methods are described and discussed, along with Optical Microscopy and other methods. (08/09)

301: Immunological Applications
Review of commercial applications of microspheres. (04/08)

302: Molecular Biology
Overview of purification and solid phase separation methods. (04/08)

303: Lateral Flow Tests 
Putting dyed particles on membranes, so they will move properly. (04/08)

304: Light-Scattering Assays 
Turbidimetric and nephelometric applications of microspheres. (04/08)

406: Measuring Microspheres Binding Capacity J.M. Duffy, J.V. Wall, M.B. Meza, L.J. Jenski. IVD Technology, 4, #7, 28-34 (1998).

407: Bead-based HTS applications in drug discovery M.B. Meza. Drug Discovery Today: HTS supplement, 1, #1, 38-41 (2000).