You've just gotta have standards!

We manufacture a comprehensive range of standards for analytical instruments such as cell analyzers, particle sizers, flow cytometers, and fluorescence microscopes. Our catalog includes NIST Traceable Particle Size Standards, SureCount™ Count Standards, ViaCheck™ Cell Viability and Concentration Controls, in addition to a broad range of fluorescent and antibody capture beads for flow cytometry and fluorescent beads and slides for imaging.

Related Literature

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TN 103: Fluorescent / Dyed Microspheres
TN 105: Microsphere Size Standards
TN106: Confocal Standards
TN208: Microsphere Sizing

Instrument Standards Brochure
Fluorescent Spectra Brochure
NIST-Traceable Size Standards Brochure
Intensity Size Standards Brochure
ViaCheck™ Cell Viability Instrument Standards

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