Bangs Laboratories offers a range of microspheres that may be used as standards to support assays in cell cycle analysis. Beads may be used for routine instrument set-up and QC, or as test-specific standards. Standards are available for use with flow cytometers, fluorescence microscopes, and cell viability analyzers. Custom products or preparations can also be manufactured to meet the requirements of specific assays or analyzers. For additional information regarding cell cycle analysis, see our Cell Cycle Analysis brochure.

Fluorescence Reference Standards

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet
897 Acridine Orange PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
906 DAPI PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
891 Fluorescein (FITC) PDS 890.pdf SDS ST331.pdf
894 Hoechst 33342 PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
892 Propidium Iodide PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf

Viability Dye Compensation Standard

Viability Dye Compensation Standards are suitable for labeling with LIVE / DEAD® stains or similarly-reactive dyes to generate compensation standards for flow cytometric analyses. Beads are not suitable for labeling with DNA stains such as propidium iodide, DAPI, or SYTOX®, and users should contact us for discussion if uncertain as to the compatibility of a specific dye or stain.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet
450 Viability Dye Compensation Standard, 4µm PDS 853.pdf SDS ST340.pdf
451 Viability Dye Compensation Standard, 8µm PDS 853.pdf SDS ST340.pdf