BioMag and BioMag Plus are ~1.5µm high-performance superparamagnetic microparticles widely used in assays and for the efficient separation of cells and purification of proteins or other biomolecules. Their irregular morphology provides much greater surface area than similarly-sized spherical particles, resulting in high binding capacities and efficient capture of target with conservative use of particles. The high iron oxide content allows for rapid and efficient magnetic separations, even from difficult, e.g. highly viscous, samples. for more information see TSD 725.pdf, Coupling Procedure for Attaching Oligonucleotides to BioMag® Carboxyl.

Catalog Number Description Concentration (mg/mL) Volume Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
BM546 BioMag® Amine 50 10, 100 PDS 546.pdf SDS MB231.pdf
BP617 BioMag®Plus Amine 50 10, 100 PDS 617.pdf SDS MB231.pdf
BP610 BioMag®Plus Amine Protein Coupling Kit 50 10 PDS 617.pdf

SDS MB231.pdf

SDS MB261.pdf Pyridine Wash Buffer

SDS MB262.pdf Quenching Solution

SDS MB265.pdf Wash Buffer

SDS AR401.pdf

BMM40 BioMag® Maxi Amine 50 10 PDS 640.pdf SDS MB231.pdf
BM545 BioMag® Magnetic Amine Immobilization Kit 50 10 PDS 546.pdf SDS MB231.pdf
SDS AR401.pdf
BM570 BioMag® Carboxyl 20 10, 100 PDS 570.pdf & TSD 725.pdf SDS MB230.pdf
BP618 BioMag® Plus Carboxyl 20 10 PDS 618.pdf & TSD 725.pdf SDS MB230.pdf
BP611 BioMag® Plus Carboxyl Coupling Kit 20 2.5 PDS 618.pdf & TSD 725.pdf

SDS MB230.pdf
SDS AR400.pdf

SDS MB262.pdf Quenching Solution

SDS MB263.pdf MES Buffer

SDS MB264.pdf Wash Buffer

BMM30 BioMag® Maxi Carboxyl 20 10 PDS 630.pdf

SDS MB230.pdf


Tomin A, Dumych T, Kril I, Antonyuk V, Chopyak V, Munoz L., Stoika R, Herrmann M. and Bilyy R (2016) Magnetic separation of apoptotic cells with lectin-conjugated microparticles. Mat-wiss u. Werkstofftech, 47: 189–192.

Thuy Tram LL, Cao C, Høgberg J, Wolff A, Bang DD, (2012) Isolation and detection of Campylobacter jejuni from chicken fecal samples by immunomagnetic separation–PCR, Food Control, Vol 24, Issues 1–2, , 23-28

Sun, Liangliang, et al. "High efficiency and quantitatively reproducible protein digestion by trypsin-immobilized magnetic microspheres." Journal of Chromatography A 1220 (2012): 68-74.(BioMagPlus Carboxyl w/ immobilized trypsin)

BioMag® Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide

BioMag® Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide may be used for applications in which a plain iron oxide particle is required. Particles are ~10µm in size, and are non-functionalized.

Catalog Number Description Concentration (mg/mL) Volume Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
BM547 BioMag® Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide 50 10 PDS 547.pdf SDS MB231.pdf

Magnetic Particle Sample Packs

Our many magnetic particle products uniquely address a wide range of applications in the life sciences, including cell isolations, affinity purifications, immunoassays, molecular assays. For development efforts, our NEW Magnetic Particle Sample Packs allow you to test different particles to find which yield optimal performance characteristics in your specific system. See PDS 749 for details.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
21940 Carboxyl Magnetic Sample Pack
MFY0002, Magnefy™COOH - 5mL (5% solids) 50mg/mL
PMC1N, ProMag Series 1 COOH - 5mL (2.5% solids) 25mg/mL
PMC3HP, ProMag HP 3μm COOH - 5mL (2.5% solids) 25mg/mL
BP618, BioMagPlus COOH - 5mL (2% solids) 20mg / mL
PDS 749.pdf

SDS MG221.pdf

SDS MB230.pdf

SDS MY100.pdf

21950 Streptavidin Magnetic Sample Pack
PMS1N, ProMag 1 Series SA - 1mL (1% solids)10mg/mL
PMS3HP, ProMag HP 3μm SA - 1mL (1% solids) 10mg/mL
BP628, BioMagPlus SA - 2mL (0.5% solids) 5mg / mL
PDS 749.pdf

SDS CG154.pdf

SDS MB232.pdf