Meet the newest addition to our family of magnetic particles–Magnefy™ ~1µm carboxylated superparamagnetic microspheres. As high surface area / high surface titer microparticles with a rapid separation profile, Magnefy offer an additional performance-driven solid phase for magnetic particle-based assays and isolations, particularly SPRI-based (solid phase reversible immobilization) total DNA isolation. Contact us today to explore using Magnefy as your OEM magnetic SPRI bead. See Magnefy™ New Product Development: Magnetic Particle Characterization & QC Testing

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet



Magnefy™ • COOH 1µm PDS 756.pdf

SDS MY100.pdf



Meyer M, Stenzel U, Hofreiter, M. (2008). Parallel tagged sequencing on the 454 platform. Nature Protoc; 3(2), 267.

Hawkins TL, O’Connor-Morin T, Roy A, Santillan C. (1994). DNA purification and isolation using a solid-phase. Nucleic Acids Res; 22(21), 4543-4.

Specific and non-specific (total) nucleic acid isolation

BioMag® and ProMag™ products support specific and non-specific (total) nucleic acid isolation through the immobilization/capture of biotinylated oligos and the purification of mRNA or total DNA.

BioMag® Streptavidin / Biotin Magnetic Particles

Streptavidin-coated magnetic particles have been used for the isolation of biotinylated PCR amplicons. The irregular morphology of BioMag® offers high binding capacities and efficient isolations.


Catalog Number

Description Concentration (mg /mL) Volume (mL) Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
BM568 BioMag® Streptavidin, Nuclease-free 1 10 & 25 PDS 530.pdf SDS MB232.pdf
BM551 BioMag® Streptavidin 5 5 & 50 PDS 551.pdf SDS MB232.pdf
BP628 BioMag®Plus Streptavidin 5 10 PDS 621.pdf SDS MB232.pdf
BP621 BioMag®Plus Streptavidin / Biotin Binding Kit 5 5 PDS 621.pdf SDS MB232.pdf
SDS MB255 Wash/Coupling Buffer.pdf

PROMAG® HP & ProMAG® Streptavidin

ProMag® are highly uniform polymer-based magnetic spheres available in diameters of 1µm and 3µm. A unique surface means low nonspecific binding in protein-based systems, and superior handling without the use of surfactant. These high-binding beads are suitable for use across a range of research and diagnostic applications, whether you're working at laboratory scale or have the more stringent requirements of high throughput applications. ProMag® Streptavidin are supplied as ~1% solids (w/v) aqueous suspensions.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
PMS3HP ProMag® HP 3 Series • Streptavidin PDS 743.pdf SDS CG154.pdf
PMS1N ProMag® 1 Series • Streptavidin PDS 715.pdf SDS CG154.pdf
PMS3N ProMag® 3 Series • Streptavidin PDS 715.pdf SDS CG154.pdf

Magnetic Particle SampleR Packs

Our many magnetic particle products uniquely address a wide range of applications in the life sciences, including cell isolations, affinity purifications, immunoassays, molecular assays. For development efforts, our  Magnetic Particle Sampler Packs allow you to test different particles to find which yield optimal performance characteristics in your specific system. 

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
21950 Streptavidin Magnetic Sampler Pack
PMS1N, ProMag 1 Series SA - 1mL (1% solids)
PMS3HP, ProMag HP 3μm SA - 1mL (1% solids)
BP628, BioMagPlus SA - 2mL (5mg / mL)
PDS 749.pdf

SDS CG154.pdf

SDS MB232.pdf

BioMag® MRNA Purification

Nuclease-free suspensions of BioMag® with covalently-bound Oligo dT(20) are used for the efficient isolation of polyadenylated mRNA from total RNA, tissue or cell lysate.


Catalog Number Description Concentration (mg / mL) Volume (mL) Number Of Reations Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
BM569 BioMag® mRNA Purification System 5 2 20 × 100µg total RNA; or 10 × 50 - 100 mg tissue; or 10 × lysate from 5 × 106 cells PDS 569.pdf

SDS MB 238.pdf

SDS MB273 5mNaCl.pdf

SDS MB270 Proteinase K.pdf

BM529 BioMag® Oligo dT (20) 5 2 20 × 100µg total RNA PDS 529.pdf SDS MB 238.pdf