Fluorophore-labeled microspheres offer a convenient means to check general instrument status and monitor stability over time. When beads are run, the median channel values for pertinent fluorescence detectors are recorded, and data are monitored to identify outliers and trends. This type of check can alert the user to problems with the optical and fluidic systems (e.g. diminishing laser power or obstruction / leakage) and the effect of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and vibration on instrument performance.



Quantum™ QC, 8 peak beads

Quantum™ QC is an 8 peak multi-intensity, multi-fluorescent standard that is intended for use as an in-depth tool for daily cytometer QC, and is appropriate for use with all lasers and detectors. It may be used to determine detection thresholds, understand resolution, and assess and track linearity of detectors. It can aid in providing confidence that the system is suitable for use, or alert operators to potential problems before samples are run. Quantum™ QC may also be used for instrument set-up to achieve standardized PMT settings and define the window of analysis for relevant detectors. Quantum™ QC is comprised of a blank and 7 (mixed) intensity populations. Quantum QC is used with a QuickCal-Linearity template that is downloaded from our website with an Access Code provided with the product at the time of shipping.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
725 Quantum™ QC, 8 Peak Beads PDS 725.pdf & PDS 725A SDS ST335.pdf

Full Spectrum™

Full Spectrum™ microspheres provide a convenient means for performing the initial daily QC check on 3+ color instruments. These ~7-9µm microspheres are internally labeled with multiple fluorophores for use with common excitation and detection wavelengths within the visible spectrum. Full Spectrum™ are available in three amounts: A (20 tests), B (100 tests), and C (280 tests). See PDS 885 for representative histograms.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
885 Full Spectrum™ PDS 885.pdf SDS ST334.pdf

Right Reference Standard™

Each standard consists of a population of microspheres surface labeled with a single fluorochrome at a high intensity level. The Right Reference Standard™ microspheres approximate the size of human lymphocytes (~7-9µm). With their narrow fluorescence CVs, Right Reference Standard™ products are suitable for alignment purposes. These standards may also be used to QC a specific path of the optical system (laser/filter/PMT), and to establish a unified fluorescence range for a particular detector.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
512 Right Reference Standard™ Fluorescein High Level PDS 510.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
515 Right Reference Standard™ Phycoerthrin High Level PDS 510.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
518 Right Reference Standard™ PE-Cy™5 High Level PDS 510.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
521 Right Reference Standard™ APC High Level PDS 510.pdf SDS ST334.pdf

Fluorescence Reference Standards

Single-color Fluorescence Reference Standards are labeled with specific fluorochromes to exhibit the same spectral
characteristics as labeled cells. They may be used to QC a specific path of the optical system, to optimize filter sets for fluorophores and to establish a test-specific Target Channel Value for instrument set-up. See flow cytometry fluorophore reference chart here.

Catalog Number Description

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet
890 Certified Blank™ PDS 890.pdf SDS ST341.pdf
897 Acridine Orange PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
886 Alexa Fluor® 488 PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
887 Alexa Fluor® 647 PDS 890.pdf SDS ST332.pdf
901 Allophycocyanine (APC) PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
898 Chlorophyll PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
895 Cy™5 PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
906 DAPI PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
913 Far-Out Red PDS 890.pdf SDS ST335.pdf
891 Fluorescein (FITC), PDS 890.pdf SDS ST331.pdf
894 Hoechst 33342 PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
916 Pacific Blue™ PDS 890.pdf SDS ST333.pdf
908 PE-Cy™5 PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
889 PE-Cy™7 PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
909 PE-TR PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
892 Propidium Iodide PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
899 R-Phycoerythrin (PE) PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
905 T.M. Rhodamine PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
893 Texas Red® (TR) PDS 890.pdf SDS ST334.pdf
915 Violet Laser PDS 890.pdf SDS ST335.pdf

Time Delay Calibration Standard

Bangs' Time Delay Calibration Standard is intended for use in assessing the delay between blue and red lasers. It features ~6µm microspheres dyed with a fluorophore that is excited with 488nm or 635nm excitation, and exhibits red/far-red emission.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
830 Time Delay Calibration Standard PDS 831.pdf SDS ST335.pdf