Magnetic Particle SampleR Packs

Our many magnetic particle products uniquely address a wide range of applications in the life sciences, including cell isolations, affinity purifications, immunoassays, molecular assays. For development efforts, our Magnetic Particle Sampler Packs allow you to test different particles to find which yield optimal performance characteristics in your specific system. We've taken our popular magnetic particles & packaged them together for your convenience offering, Magnefy™, BioMag®Plus, ProMag® 1 Series and ProMag® HP 3 Series.

Meet the newest addition to our family of magnetic particles–Magnefy™ ~1µm carboxylated superparamagnetic microspheres. As high surface area / high surface titer microparticles with a rapid separation profile, Magnefy offer an additional performance-driven solid phase for magnetic particle-based assays and isolations, particularly SPRI-based total DNA isolation. (Available for carboxyl pack only.)

BioMag Plus are ~1.5µm high-performance superparamagnetic microparticles widely used in assays and for the efficient separation of cells and purification of proteins or other biomolecules. Their irregular morphology provides much greater surface area than similarly-sized spherical particles, resulting in high binding capacities and efficient capture of target with conservative use of particles. The high iron oxide content allows for rapid and efficient magnetic separations, even from difficult, e.g. highly viscous, samples.

Our ProMag 1 Series microspheres from our original ProMag line offer high surface area, fast and uniform separations and a hydrophilic surface. They have been used in magnetic particle assays, and for precision isolations.

Finally, our ProMag HP 3 Series microspheres have a highly optimized composition that offers superior handling and fast separation rates in addition to lowest autosignal, particularly with respect to chemiluminescence and exposed iron. They offer the most hydrophilic surface for low NSB and precise capture of target.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
21940 Carboxyl Magnetic Sampler Pack
MFY0002, Magnefy™COOH - 5mL (5% solids) 50mg/mL
PMC1N, ProMag Series 1 COOH - 5mL (2.5% solids) 25mg/mL
PMC3HP, ProMag HP 3μm COOH - 5mL (2.5% solids) 25mg/mL
BP618, BioMagPlus COOH - 5mL (2% solids) 20mg/mL
PDS 749.pdf

SDS MG221.pdf

SDS MB230.pdf

SDS MY100.pdf

21950 Streptavidin Magnetic Sampler Pack
PMS1N, ProMag 1 Series SA - 1mL (1% solids)10mg/mL
PMS3HP, ProMag HP 3μm SA - 1mL (1% solids) 10mg/mL
BP628, BioMagPlus SA - 2mL (0.5% solids) 5mg/mL
PDS 749.pdf

SDS CG154.pdf

SDS MB232.pdf