ProMag® HP

ProMag® HP (High Performance) have been meticulously engineered for use in assay development. The highly optimized composition ensures lowest autosignal, particularly with respect to chemiluminescence and exposed iron. ProMag® COOH are supplied as ~2.5% solids (w/v) aqueous suspensions. ProMag® Streptavidin are supplied as ~1% solids (w/v) aqueous suspensions.

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Catalog Number

Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
PMC3HP ProMag® HP 3 Series • COOH PDS 743.pdf SDS MG221.pdf
PMS3HP ProMag® HP 3 Series • Streptavidin PDS 743.pdf SDS CG154.pdf


Vemulapati S, & Erickson D. (2018) HERMES: rapid blood-plasma separation at the point-of-need. Lab on a Chip 18(21), 3285-3292.(ProMag HP COOH conjugated to anti-RBC antibody)



ProMag® are highly uniform polymer-based magnetic spheres available in diameters of 1µm and 3µm. A unique surface means low nonspecific binding in protein-based systems, and superior handling without the use of surfactant. These high-binding beads are suitable for use across a range of research and diagnostic applications, whether you're working at laboratory scale or have the more stringent requirements of high throughput applications.

Catalog Number

Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
PMC1N ProMag® 1 Series • COOH  PDS 715.pdf SDS MG221.pdf
PMS1N ProMag® 1 Series • Streptavidin PDS 715.pdf SDS CG154.pdf
PMC3N ProMag® 3 Series • COOH PDS 715.pdf SDS MG221.pdf
PMA3N ProMag® 3 Series • Amine PDS 715.pdf SDS MG222.pdf
PMG3N ProMag® 3 Series • Protein G PDS 715.pdf SDS CG157.pdf
PMS3N ProMag® 3 Series • Streptavidin PDS 715.pdf

SDS CG154.pdf


McKeague, M, Bradley, C, Girolamo, A, Visconti, A, Miller, J, DeRosa, M  (2010) Screening and Initial Binding Assessment of Fumonisin B1 Aptamers. Int. J. Mol. Sci, 11(12), 4864-4881 (ProMag 3 Series COOH, aptamers, SELEX)

Pryor, P, Rofe, A (2014) Isolating Phagosomes from Tissue Culture Cells. Cold Spring Harb Protoc; doi:10.1101/pdb.prot074468 (ProMag 3 Series COOH)

Agidi S, Vedachalam S, Mancl K, Lee J.(2013) Effectiveness of onsite wastewater reuse system in reducing bacterial contaminants measured with human-specific IMS/ATP and qPCR. J Environ Manage. Jan 30;115:167-74 (ProMag 1 Series COOH)

Scida, K, Cunningham, J, Renault, C, Richards, I, Crooks, R (2014) Simple, Sensitive, and Quantitative Electrochemical Detection Method for Paper Analytical Devices. Anal Chem 86(13) 6501-6507 (ProMag Streptavidin)

Srbova, J, Krulisova, P, Holubova, L, Pereiro, I, Bendali, A, Hamiot, A, ... & Viovy, JL. (2018) Advanced immunocapture of milk‐borne Salmonella by microfluidic magnetically stabilized fluidized bed. Electrophoresis, 39(3), 526-533.(Cat. PMC1N, ProMag 1 Series COOH)

Magnetic Particle Sample Packs

Our many magnetic particle products uniquely address a wide range of applications in the life sciences, including cell isolations, affinity purifications, immunoassays, molecular assays. For development efforts, our NEW Magnetic Particle Sample Packs allow you to test different particles to find which yield optimal performance characteristics in your specific system. See PDS 749 for details.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
21940 Carboxyl Magnetic Sample Pack
MFY0002, Magnefy™COOH - 5mL (5% solids) 50mg/mL
PMC1N, ProMag Series 1 COOH - 5mL (2.5% solids) 25mg/mL
PMC3HP, ProMag HP 3μm COOH - 5mL (2.5% solids) 25mg/mL
BP618, BioMagPlus COOH - 5mL (2% solids) 20mg/mL
PDS 749.pdf

SDS MG221.pdf

SDS MB230.pdf

SDS MY100.pdf

21950 Streptavidin Magnetic Sample Pack
PMS1N, ProMag 1 Series SA - 1mL (1% solids)10mg/mL
PMS3HP, ProMag HP 3μm SA - 1mL (1% solids) 10mg/mL
BP628, BioMagPlus SA - 2mL (0.5% solids) 5mg/mL
PDS 749.pdf

SDS CG154.pdf

SDS MB232.pdf