SiO2 with carboxyl (COOH) surface groups for the covalent attachment of biomolecules (see TechNote 104). Carboxyl silica microspheres are sold in 1.0g amounts. Supplied dry, they are available in four nominal mean diameters: ~0.5µm, ~1.0µm, ~2.0µm, and ~5.0µm.

*Please note: If you are NOT ordering via website, please specify a lot number if multiple lots are available.  
Catalog Number Nominal Diameter Specification Range Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
SC03000 0.5µm

0.46 - 0.54µm

PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf
SC04000 1.0µm 0.95 - 1.05µm PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf
SC05000 2.0µm 2.80 - 2.20µm PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf
SC05001 5.0µm 4.80 - 5.20µm PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf


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