Trypan Blue

Trypan blue exclusion is a common method for the determination of cell viability. It is used extensively in biopharmaceutical cell culture programs, and for a range of research studies including apoptosis, cytopathic effects of viral infection, and effects of sample processing methods on cell viability and concentration. Our solution is suitable for traditional manual staining and hemocytometer counting. NOTE: This product is not intended to be a plug-in replacement bottle for automated cell viability analyzers. Instrument manufacturers please contact us for bulk/OEM packaging if this is your interest.

 special oFfer!

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Catalog Number Description Volume (mL) Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
AA020 Trypan Blue 0.4% Solution 125mL PDS 748.pdf SDS AR414.pdf
AA021 Trypan Blue 0.4% Solution 250mL PDS 748.pdf SDS AR414.pdf


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