In flow cytometry, consistent instrument set-up and standardization are essential for achieving reliable results and generating meaningful data. Our microsphere-based tools for set-up and standardization can serve a significant role in supporting flow cytometry programs, and establishing a framework for the comparison of data from different instruments, laboratories, and over time.




Quantum™ QC, 8 peak beads

Quantum™ QC is an 8 peak multi-intensity, multi-fluorescent standard that may be used to set up the window of analysis for all detectors by positioning a specific peak at a target channel value. See PDS 725 & 725A for histograms for all detectors.



Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
725 Quantum™ QC, 8 Peak Beads PDS 725.pdf & PDS 725A SDS ST335.pdf


Purvis N, Stelzer G. (1998) Multi-platform, multi-site instrumentation and reagent standardization. Cytometry; 33(2):156-65.

Full Spectrum™

Full Spectrum™ Multi-Color Fluorescence Reference Standard is a highly uniform microbead product that fluoresces over the visible spectrum to provide reference positions for initial daily QC or instrument set-up.

As part of a QC program, fluorophore-labeled microspheres offer a convenient means to check general instrument status and monitor stability over time. When beads are run, the channel values for pertinent fluorescence detectors are recorded, and data are monitored to identify outliers and trends. This type of check can alert the user to problems with the optical and fluidic systems (e.g. diminishing laser power or obstruction/leakage) and the effect of environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and vibration on instrument performance.

As a tool for instrument set-up, a reference peak may be positioned for each detector to achieve initial instrument settings.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
885 Full Spectrum™ PDS 885.pdf SDS ST334.pdf

Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles

Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles (by Spherotech™) are internally labeled with multiple fluorophores, enabling excitation at any wavelength from 365-650nm. Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles may be used for general QC purposes for 3-9 color instruments. Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles are available in three amounts: A (20 tests), B (100 tests), and C (280 tests).

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
610 Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles, ~3.8µm (3.61-3.99) PDS 612.pdf SDS ST336.pdf
611 Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles ~10.2µm (8.1-12.0) PDS 612.pdf SDS ST336.pdf

Small Bead Calibration Kits

Current applications in flow cytometry extend far beyond traditional lymphocyte immunophenotyping, with some involving the analysis of very small particles such as platelet- and endothelial-derived microparticles or microbial species. Our fluorescent Small Bead Calibration Kits allow operators to verify the resolution capabilities of the flow cytometer, and to establish appropriate instrument settings for the analyses.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet  Safety Data Sheet
834 Nanobead Calibration Kit - 50nm, 100nm PDS 834.pdf SDS ST335.pdf
832 Submicron Bead Calibration Kit - 0.2µm, 0.5µm, 0.8µm PDS 832.pdf SDS ST335.pdf
833 Micron Bead Calibration Kit - 1.0µm, 3.0µm, 6.0µm PDS 832.pdf SDS ST335.pdf