Our coupling kits permit the covalent immobilzation of proteins to microparticles. We offer several kits featuring BioMag® superparamagnetic partcles and separations, as well as PolyLink, which may be used with carboxylated polymer or silica microspheres of your choosing. See associated PDS' for protocols and full kits details. 

Catalog Code Description Concentration (mg/mL) Volume # of Reactions Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet
BP610 BioMag®Plus Amine Protein Coupling Kit 50 25 5 reactions x 2mL PDS 617.pdf

SDS MB231.pdf

SDS MB261.pdf Pyridine Wash Buffer

SDS MB262.pdf Quenching Solution

SDS MB265.pdf Wash Buffer

SDS AR401.pdf

BP611 BioMag® Plus Carboxyl Coupling Kit 20 2.5 5 reactions x 0.5mL PDS 618.pdf & TSD 725.pdf

SDS MB230.pdf
SDS AR400.pdf

SDS MB262.pdf Quenching Solution

SDS MB263.pdf MES Buffer

SDS MB264.pdf Wash Buffer


BM545 BioMag® Magnetic Amine Immobilization Kit 50 10 1 reaction x 10mL PDS 546.pdf SDS MB231.pdf
SDS AR401.pdf
PL01N PolyLink Protein Coupling Kit* - - 50 x 12.5mg microspheres
(microspheres & protein not included)
PDS 644.pdf

SDS AR412.pdf

SDS AR413.pdf

SDS AR400.pdf