Surfactants are commonly utilized with microspheres composed of hydrophobic polymer matrices such as polystyrene to facilitate bead wetting and to deter or treat aggregation. Common concentrations are ~0.1% for uncoated polymer beads and ≤0.05% in the storage buffer of coated polymer, magnetic, and silica beads.

Triton™ X-100 and Tween® 20 are nonionic surfactants used in the storage buffers of coated bead suspensions, while Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) is an anionic surfactant that decreases hydrophobicity and participates in charge stabilization of the suspension.

Catalog Number Description Unit Size Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
AA014 Triton X-100 Nonionic Surfactant 10 PDS 739.pdf SDS AR402.pdf
AA016 Tween® 20 Nonionic Surfactant 10 PDS 739.pdf SDS AR403.pdf
AA018 Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Anionic Surfactant 10 PDS 739.pdf SDS AR404.pdf