See how our MESF & QSC kits support quantitative flow cytometry in cancer research & immunotherapy development.

Enjoy this curated listing of references related to cancer research & immunotherapy development.Validation of a flow cytometry based chemokine internalization assay for use in evaluating the pharmacodynamic response to a receptor antagonist....

My antibody isn’t binding to the Quantum Simply Cellular kit I just received. Can you help?

A first step is to confirm the host species of the primary antibody, as the most common reason for a complete lack of binding is antibody mismatch. We sometimes see clients mistakenly use the target species (of cells) when selecting the QSC kit,...

What are you using to measure results in your flow cytometric study?

See how the Quantum MESF system has been used to standardize studies and quantify results in a range of applications:Singh H, Figliola MJ, Dawson MJ, Olivares S, Zhang L, et al. (2013) Manufacture of Clinical-Grade CD19-Specific T Cells Stably...

I’m using your Quantum Simply Cellular (QSC) beads to quantitate cell surface receptors, but I’m fixing my cells as part of my standard prep. Do I also need to fix the beads as well?

Sample handling/prep can certainly play a large role in quantitative flow cytometry, although we recommend against using fixation steps for our beads, as many of the fixatives are known solvents of our polystyrene particles (e.g. formaldehyde or...

Flow Cytometry’s Top Ten Contributions to the World compiled from musings of the Purdue Cytometry Discussion List

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