Polymeric and Silica Microspheres

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ProMag™ HP has a highly optimized composition to ensure lowest autosignal, particularly with respect to chemiluminescence and exposed iron.

Vivaspin® 2mL Ultrafiltration Device utilized for washing and concentration of submicron microspheres.


Bangs Laboratories, Inc. is a manufacturer of uniform polymer, silica, and magnetic microsphere products for diagnostic, research, and flow cytometry applications.

Our three lines of superparamagnetic microparticles allow us to uniquely address a wide range of applications in the life sciences, including cell separations, immunoassays, and suspension arrays. Our collection of microsphere standards includes Quantum™ kits with QuickCal® for quantitative fluorescence analyses, ViaCheck™ Standards for viability analyzers, NIST-traceable Size Standards for particle sizers, and SureCount™ Particle Count Standards for particle and cell counters. We have extensive custom manufacturing capabilities and are always happy to discuss bulk and OEM arrangements. We are also proud to offer exceptional customer and technical support to help our particles work for you.

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