SiO2 with carboxyl (COOH) surface groups for the covalent attachment of biomolecules (see TechNote 104). Carboxyl silica microspheres are sold in 1.0g amounts. Supplied dry, they are available in four nominal mean diameters: ~0.5µm, ~1.0µm, ~2.0µm, and ~5.0µm.

Catalog Code Diameter (µm) Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
SC02N ≤ 0.49 PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf
SC03N 0.50-0.99 PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf
SC04N 1.00-2.49 PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf
SC05N 2.50-4.99 PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf
SC06N ≥ 5.00 PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf


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