SiO2 with amine (NH2) surface groups for the covalent attachment of biomolecules (see TechNote 104). Amine silica microspheres are sold in 1.0g amounts. Supplied dry, they are available in these nominal mean diameters: ~0.5µm, ~1.0µm, and ~5.0µm.

Catalog Number Catalog Code Nominal Diameter Specification Range Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
SA03000 SA03N 0.5µm 0.460 - 0.540µm PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf
SA04000 SA04N 1.0µm 0.95 - 1.05µm PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf
SA05000 SA05N 5.0µm 4.80 - 5.20µm PDS 702.pdf SDS SG141.pdf