COMPEL™ are highly uniform superparamagnetic microspheres ideal for applications that demand uniform particle response, such as miniaturized bioassays and separations. COMPEL™ are comprised of iron oxide crystals dispersed in a polymer matrix, with a functional polymer overcoating for the encapsulation of magnetite and the introduction of reactive groups. As they are polymer-based, they retain the low density that is advantageous for biomolecular assays. Our initial offerings include 3µm, 6µm, and 8µm beads with measured CVs of ≤ 5% and high levels of COOH-functionalization. The carboxyl-modified undyed COMPEL are supplied as ~5% solids (w/w) and the streptavidin-coated COMPEL are supplied at ~1% solids (w/v).

Catalog Code Description Diameter View Histograms Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
UMC3N COMPEL™ Magnetic COOH modified 3µm, 6µm 3µm, 6µm PDS 705.pdf SDS MG220.pdf
UMC4N COMPEL™ Magnetic COOH modified 8µm 8 µm PDS 705.pdf SDS MG220.pdf
UMC3F COMPEL™ Magnetic COOH modified, fluorescent 3µm, 6µm 3µm, 6µm PDS 705.pdf SDS MF221.pdf
UMC4F COMPEL™ Magnetic COOH modified, fluorescent 8µm 8 µm PDS 705.pdf SDS MF221.pdf
CM01N COMPEL™ Magnetic Streptavidin modified 3µm, 6µm, 8µm 3µm, 6µm, 8 µm PDS 721.pdf SDS CG155.pdf


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