Both Classical (MC catalog codes) and Encapsulated (ME catalog codes) superparamagnetic microspheres are synthesized using a process that results in the distribution of iron oxide crystals throughout the polymer matrix. The surfaces of Encapsulated magnetic microspheres are expected to be free of iron oxide, while the Classical version will have some exposed iron oxide. COMPEL microspheres (UMC catalog codes) are highly uniform and spherical. Fluorescent magnetic microspheres are available as ~1% solids (w/v) aqueous suspensions in four standard volumes: 1mL, 5mL, 10mL, and 100mL. See the use of our microspheres for cell labeling and MRI tracking in TSD 0748.

Catalog Code Description Diameter Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MC03F Classical Magnetic Polymer, fluorescent 0.50-0.99 PDS 731.pdf SDS MF220.pdf
ME03F Encapsulated Magnetic Polymer, fluorescent 0.50-0.99 PDS 731.pdf SDS MF220.pdf
ME04F Encapsulated Magnetic Polymer, fluorescent 1.00-1.99 PDS 731.pdf SDS MF220.pdf
UMC3F COMPEL™ Magnetic COOH modified, fluorescent 3um, 6um PDS 705.pdf SDS MF221.pdf
UMC4F COMPEL™ Magnetic COOH modified, fluorescent 8um PDS 705.pdf SDS MF221.pdf


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