Small Bead Calibration Kits

Current applications in flow cytometry extend far beyond traditional lymphocyte immunophenotyping, with some involving the analysis of very small particles such as extracellular vesicles, platelet- and endothelial-derived microparticles or microbial species. Our fluorescent Small Bead Calibration Kits allow operators to verify the resolution capabilities of the flow cytometer, and to establish appropriate instrument settings for the analyses.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet  Safety Data Sheet
834 Nanobead Calibration Kit - 50nm, 100nm PDS 834.pdf SDS ST335.pdf
832 Submicron Bead Calibration Kit - 0.2µm, 0.5µm, 0.8µm PDS 832.pdf SDS ST335.pdf
833 Micron Bead Calibration Kit - 1.0µm, 3.0µm, 6.0µm PDS 832.pdf SDS ST335.pdf


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Size Calibration Standards

Our Size Calibration Standards Kit for flow cytometry is comprised of five populations of undyed microspheres in the range of ~4-12µm. Forward scatter channel (FSC) values may be plotted against reported bead diameter to generate a curve that may be used for estimation of the sizes of cells run at the same instrument settings. The Size Calibration Standards Kits are available in two sizes: B (100 tests) and C (280 tests).

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet  Safety Data Sheet
829 Size Calibration Standards Kit PDS 829.pdf SDS ST334.pdf


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