SureCount™ Particle Count Standard

SureCount™ standards are suspensions of polymer microspheres intended for the validation and monitoring of particle counters and supporting sample preparation processes. The diameters of the SureCount™ standards are traceable to NIST Standard Reference Materials. The standards are supplied as ~1 x 106 microspheres/mL aqueous suspensions in 10mL volumes, and each bottle is provided with a Certificate of Traceability. For information on proper mixing and sampling, see TSD 0706: Handling & Pipetting Concentration Standards.

Catalog Number Product Data Sheet Nominal Mean Diameter (µm) Volume (mL) Safety Data Sheet
CC03N PDS 733.pdf 3 10 SDS ST350.pdf
CC05N PDS 733.pdf 5 10 SDS ST350.pdf
CC10N PDS 733.pdf 10 10 SDS ST350.pdf
CC15N PDS 733.pdf 15 10 SDS ST350.pdf


Kim J, Kim E, Bae S, Kwon S, Chun H.(2013) Potentiometric Multichannel Cytometer Microchip for High-throughput Microdispersion Analysis Anal. Chem.85 (1), pp 362–368