SureCount™ Particle Count Standard

SureCount™ standards are suspensions of polymer microspheres intended for the validation and monitoring of particle counters and supporting sample preparation processes. The diameters of the SureCount™ standards are traceable to NIST Standard Reference Materials. The standards are supplied as ~1 x 106 microspheres/mL aqueous suspensions in 10mL volumes, and each bottle is provided with a Certificate of Traceability.

Catalog Code Product Data Sheet Nominal Mean Diameter (µm) Volume (mL) Safety Data Sheet
CC03N PDS 733.pdf 3 10 SDS ST350.pdf
CC05N PDS 733.pdf 5 10 SDS ST350.pdf
CC10N PDS 733.pdf 10 10 SDS ST350.pdf
CC15N PDS 733.pdf 15 10 SDS ST350.pdf