Our StarLight™ Calibration Slides feature vibrant ~6µm fluorescent microspheres dyed with a single fluorophore for basic imaging checks and calibration for fluorescence microscopes. Our four standard versions are appropriate for use with common microscope filter sets: Glacial Blue (360, 450), Dragon Green (480, 520), Envy Green (525, 565), and Flash Red (660, 690). The calibration slides are available individually or as the full 4-slide collection. See fluorophore spectra here.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet
SL1GB StarLight™ Calibration Slide - Glacial Blue PDS 857.pdf
SL1DG StarLight™ Calibration Slide - Dragon Green PDS 857.pdf
SL1EG StarLight™ Calibration Slide - Envy Green PDS 857.pdf
SL1FR StarLight™ Calibration Slide - Flash Red PDS 857.pdf
SL04K StarLight™ Collection - Slide 4 -Pack PDS 857.pdf


Mizutani, Y, Shibuya, K, Iwata, T, Takaya, Y (2015) Fluorescence microscope by using computational ghost imaging. MATEC Conf. 32, 05001 (Envy Green StarLight Calibration Slide)