Meet the newest addition to our family of magnetic particles–Magnefy™ ~1µm carboxylated superparamagnetic microspheres. As high surface area / high surface titer microparticles with a rapid separation profile, Magnefy offer an additional performance-driven solid phase for magnetic particle-based assays and isolations. Contact us today to explore using Magnefy as your OEM SPRI bead.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MFY0002 Magnefy™ • COOH 1µm PDS 756.pdf SDS MY100.pdf



NEW ViaCheck™ Concentration Control (0.5 × 106) Concentration Standard

Our ViaCheck™ Concentration standards may be used for cell concentration analysis to support validation and QC of image-based cell viability analyzers (e.g. Vi-CELL®) used in biomanufacturing programs. ViaCheck™ Concentration Controls are supplied at many concentrations, but we just added our lowest concentration yet at 0.5 x 106. For information on proper mixing and sampling, see TSD 0706: Handling & Pipetting Concentration Standards. or to request a copy of Optimization of Vi-CELL® XR Settings for Calibration Checks Using ViaCheck™ Controls & ViaCheck™ for Cell Viability Analyzers: Best Practices, click here.

How low can you go? See our TSD 0712 Repeatability of Coulter Z2 and Vi-CELL Counts Using our NEW ViaCheck™ 0.5e+6 Concentration Controls.

Catalog Number Description Volume Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
VC50N ViaCheck™ Concentration Control (0.5 × 106) 20 mL PDS 711.pdf SDS ST352.pdf
VC50NSS ViaCheck™ Concentration Control (0.5 × 106) SingleShots™ 25 or 75 vials PDS 711.pdf SDS ST352.pdf

Europium chelate nanoparticles Sampler Pack

Our highly-fluorescent europium (III) nanoparticles offer exceptional stability, in addition to well-functionalized carboxylated surfaces for the covalent attachment of ligand. Our Eu (III) nanoparticles have been used to develop highly sensitive assays (microplate, lateral flow) based on time-resolved (TRF) fluorescence and as particulate labels in chemiluminence assays. The beads are supplied as ~1% solids (w/v) aqueous suspensions. View excitation & emission spectra and Instrument Links for TRF strip test readers. See how we stack up against our competition in our Europium Chelate brochure.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet
21960 Europium Chelate COOH Sampler Pack (1mL of 0.10μm, 0.20μm, 0.30μm) PDS 741.pdf

Magnetic Particle SampleR Packs

Our many magnetic particle products uniquely address a wide range of applications in the life sciences, including cell isolations, affinity purifications, immunoassays, molecular assays. For development efforts, our Magnetic Particle Sampler Packs allow you to test different particles to find which yield optimal performance characteristics in your specific system. We've taken our popular magnetic particles & packaged them together for your convenience, We now include our newest magnetic particle  Magnefy™ to the carboxylated Sampler Pack along with  BioMag®Plus, ProMag® 1 Series and ProMag® HP 3 Series.

Catalog Number Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
21940 Carboxyl Magnetic Sampler Pack
MFY0002, Magnefy™COOH - 5mL (5% solids) 50mg/mL
PMC1N, ProMag Series 1 COOH - 5mL (2.5% solids) 25mg/mL
PMC3HP, ProMag HP 3μm COOH - 5mL (2.5% solids) 25mg/mL
BP618, BioMagPlus COOH - 5mL (2% solids) 20mg/mL
PDS 749.pdf

SDS MG221.pdf

SDS MB230.pdf

SDS MY100.pdf

21950 Streptavidin Magnetic Sampler Pack
PMS1N, ProMag 1 Series SA - 1mL (1% solids)10mg/mL
PMS3HP, ProMag HP 3μm SA - 1mL (1% solids) 10mg/mL
BP628, BioMagPlus SA - 2mL (0.5% solids) 5mg/mL
PDS 749.pdf

SDS CG154.pdf

SDS MB232.pdf


NEW ProMag® Amine are highly uniform polymer-based magnetic spheres available in a diameter of 3µm. A unique surface means low nonspecific binding in protein-based systems, and superior handling without the use of surfactant. These high-binding beads are suitable for use across a range of research and diagnostic applications, whether you're working at laboratory scale or have the more stringent requirements of high throughput applications.

Catalog Number

Description Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
PMA3N ProMag® 3 Series • Amine PDS 715.pdf SDS MG222.pdf