Supplier of mixed bed ion exchange resins

DCN Diagnostics
High quality lateral flow reader systems.

Kestrel BioSciences
Developer and manufacturer of immunoassay products and equipment, specializing in lateral flow development, manufacturing, and training.

MedMira's Rapid Vertical Flow Technology offers fast and accurate results with simplified test procedures and lengthy shelf lives.

Pall Corporation
Manufacturer and supplier of filtration and separation membranes, lateral flow membranes, and water purification systems. Pall also manufactures NanoSep® centrifugal devices for nanoparticle separations.

Spectrum Laboratories, Inc.
Developer and manufacturer of innovative products for bioseparations and cell line management, including cross-flow filtration, hollow fiber filtration, and dialysis equipment.

Whatman, Inc.
Manufacturer of filters, membranes, and other separation technology products for the analytical, biotechnology, and environmental testing industries.