Just look at what we have to work with!


Wei Chen - R & D Manager. When not tweaking and tailoring beads in our lab to meet your specific needs, Wei loves playing with his kids. He also enjoys movies, swimming, and hiking.

Jun Hu - R & D Scientist, wannabe chicken farmer. Jun enjoys cooking, traveling & gardening when she’s outside of the lab.

Mary Meza - Vice President - Manufacturing, Horse Trainer. Mary heads up our R&D, manufacturing and technical support areas. M to the power of 2 has 2 kids, 2 horses, 2 dogs, & 2 cats, not that she is OCD or anything.

J Winstead - Scientist, Bona fide Hoosier. Unlike some people who call themselves Hoosiers just because they live in Indiana, J is the actual thing (a real Indiana University graduate)! When not in the lab, J enjoys playing disc golf, running around (literally!) with his running group, and being outdoors.

Jessica Montgomery - Scientist. Specializing in molecular biology and biotech applications, Jessica joined our team to coat our beads with proteins.  When she’s not in the lab, she enjoys kickboxing, pilates, movies, concerts, and spending time with family and friends.

Stephanie Rice - Scientist, Bangs Meteorologist. Que pasa stepheorita? She traded an outdoor lab for an indoor lab, but she still monitors the weather closely. When there is no danger of storms, she enjoys getting out for some Spanish cuisine.

Jake King, Lab Technician, Pokémon Guy. When he’s not in the lab, Jake likes Corgis, woodworking and yes- cooking too.

Shan Zhao - Lab Manager. A fan of skiing, hiking and photography, Shan also keeps our lab on track and moving along. She also enjoys pop music as well as mystery movies and books.


Michael H. Ott - Chairman & CEO. We are honored to say that Mike joined our team when Bangs and Polysciences combined forces.

Chad Owen - President, Early Adopter. Ever since his first LaserDisc player he cannot be deterred from the sparkle of new technology, always with a lawn chair & sleeping bag at the ready.

Rick Galloway - Director of Sales, Ambassador of Beads. When not sharing our beads with the world, this Indianapolis Colts fan pursues photography and scuba diving.

Ben Nelson - Technical Sales Representative, Pseudo Financier. While keeping a close eye on his money, he enjoys reading a good sci-fi novel. If not hiking or biking, he may be taking part in a long strategy board game.

Amy Royal - Senior Creative Designer. When not minding the chickens and her children, she enjoys a good concert and gardening.

Customer & Technical Support

Teresa Dunham - Customer Service Manager, Professional Vacationer. In her spare time, Teresa loves to visit the USVI or relax with her family at their lake cottage. We have to keep an eye on her, she may slip away to an island and never return!

Amanda a.k.a Mandy - Customer Service Representative. Mandy is the delightful, real person providing exceptional service when you place your calls, inquiries & orders.

Ashley Spaulding, Customer Service Representative, Cocoa hater. Although she does not like chocolate, she loves dogs. When Ashley is not at Bangs, you might find her doing color guard or relaxing by the lake.

Kathy Kilbride - Director of Technical Service and Marketing, Editor-in-Chief. Nobody is better at troubleshooting your application or conjugation woes. And when Kathy isn't fixing your problems, she's fixing our sentence structure. Without Kathy's attention to grammatical detail, make we no sense might us.

Jason Kish, Technical Specialist, Outdoorsy Guy. Abandoning the west coast to plant roots here in the midwest, Jason loves the outdoors, as well as city adventuring.


Robert Anglea - Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Coach of the Year. Bob's exceptional amount of ISO experience helps us maintain and update our ISO program. Though he is not throwing chairs he may throw the ISO book at you.

Azusa Tanahara - Quality Control Technician, Salsa Dancer. Ensuring the quality of our materials, with a cha, cha, cha!

Anna Bavender - QC Analytical Scientist, Self-declared coffee snob. When she’s not doing QC, she’s either roasting up her own coffee or out frequenting the coffee shops around town.

Maggie Strack - Quality Control Technician, Home Cook. Sometimes her dog takes her camping or hiking when she's not trying out a new recipe.


Sharmila Isaiah - Materials Manager, Party Animal. Sharmila is responsible for procurement, storage, and distribution of materials and products to meet your needs. She also makes sure we don't forget to celebrate birthdays and holidays by planning our employee celebrations.

Mark Schemmel - Shipping Coordinator. Mark's careful attention to detail helps our products go out the door flawlessly. Warning: never step through a doorway without looking both ways... he is bound to run you over!

Gage Bannister - Dispensing Specialist, Trivia Expert. Gage is over our automated, routine and custom dispensing projects & providing us with endless trivia facts.

Vanessa Morales - Shipping Specialist, Crafty Crocheter. Vanessa assists in getting you your beads. She also enjoys her pup, Mustang, card making & crocheting.


Toni Dellekamp - Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, Mother Hen of Bangs. Toni is responsible for making sure the office runs smoothly, anything from office supplies, break room goodies, building maintenance, HVAC system, outside grounds maintenance or just helping out any employee. Yes, she does it all! Outside the office she enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering, dining out, crafts, exercise and gardening.

Ming Peng - Accountant. Ming takes special care of all of our accounting functions.