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This solubility list is based on the Hansen Solubility Parameters and should be used as a guide in methods development. The nuances of particle solubility in a given solvent should ultimately be investigated by the experimenter during assay optimization and this guide is not a substitute for bench top evaluation.

Adapted from: Brandrup, J., and  E.H. Immergut, eds. 1975.  Polymer Handbook, Second Edition. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Other references include:
Hansen, C. M. (2015). Hansen Solubility Parameters: A User’s Handbook, Second Edition (2nd ed.). Boca Raton, FL: CRC press.
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Microparticle Solubility Based on Hansen Solublity Parameters

Solubility (S=Soluble, I=Insoluble)

Solvent Class Solvent Polystyrene PMMA
Alkanes n-Butane I I
Alkanes n-Pentane I I
Alkanes n-Hexane I I
Alkanes n-Heptane I I
Alkanes n-Octane S I
Alkanes Isooctane I I
Alkanes n-Dodecane S I
Alkanes Cyclohexane S I
Alkanes Methylcyclohexane S I
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Benzene S I
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Toluene S S
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Napthalene S S
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Styrene S I
Aromatic Hydrocarbons o-Xylene S I
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Ethyl benzene S I
Aromatic Hydrocarbons p- Diethyl benzene S I
Halohydrocarbons Chloro methane S S
Halohydrocarbons Methylene chloride S S
Halohydrocarbons 1,1 Dichloroethylene S S
Halohydrocarbons Ethylene dichloride S S
Halohydrocarbons Chloroform S S
Halohydrocarbons 1,1 Dichloroethane S S
Halohydrocarbons Trichloroethylene S S
Halohydrocarbons Carbon tetrachloride S I
Halohydrocarbons Chlorobenzene S S
Halohydrocarbons o-Dichlorobenzene S S
Halohydrocarbons 1,1,2 Trichlorotrifluoroethane I I
Ethers Tetrahydrofuran S S
Ethers 1,4 Dioxane S I
Ethers Diethyl ether I I
Ethers Dibenzyl ether S S
Ketones Acetone S S
Ketones Methyl ethyl ketone S S
Ketones Cyclohexanone S S
Ketones Diethyl ketone S S
Ketones Acetophenone S S
Ketones Methyl isobutyl ketone S S
Ketones Methyl isoamyl ketone S S
Ketones Isophorone S S
Ketones Di-(isobutyl) ketone S S
Esters Ethylene carbonate I I
Esters Methyl acetate S S
Esters Ethyl formate S S
Esters Propylene 1,2 carbonate S S
Esters Ethyl acetate S S
Esters Diethyl carbonate S S
Esters Diethyl sulfate I S
Esters n-Butyl acetate S I
Esters Isobutyl acetate I I
Esters 2-Ethoxyethyl acetate S S
Esters Isoamyl acetate S I
Esters Isobutyl isobutyrate I I
Nitrogen Compounds Nitromethane I I
Nitrogen Compounds Nitroethane I S
Nitrogen Compounds 2-Nitropropane S S
Nitrogen Compounds Nitrobenzene S S
Nitrogen Compounds Ethanolamine I S
Nitrogen Compounds Ethylene diem me S S
Nitrogen Compounds Pyridine S S
Nitrogen Compounds Morpholine S S
Nitrogen Compounds Analine S S
Nitrogen Compounds N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone S S
Nitrogen Compounds Cyclohexylamine S S
Nitrogen Compounds Quinoline S S
Nitrogen Compounds Formamide I I
Nitrogen Compounds N,N-Dimethylformamide S S
Sulfur Compounds Carbon disulfide S I
Sulfur Compounds Dimethylsulphoxide S S
Sulfur Compounds Ethanethiol S S
Alcohols Methanol I I
Alcohols Ethanol S S
Alcohols Allyl alcohol S S
Alcohols 1-Propanol S S
Alcohols 2-Propanol S S
Alcohols 1-B utanol S S
Alcohols 2-Butanol S S
Alcohols Isobutanol I I
Alcohols Benzyl alcohol S S
Alcohols Cyclohexanol S S
Alcohols Diacetone alcohol S S
Alcohols Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether S S
Alcohols Diethylene glycol monomethyl ether S S
Alcohols Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether S S
Alcohols Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether S S
Alcohols Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether S S
Alcohols 1 -Decanol S S
Acids Formic acid I I
Acids Acetic acid I I
Acids Benzoic acid S S
Acids Oleic acid I I
Acids Stearic acid S S
Phenols Phenol S S
Phenols Resorcinol S S
Phenols m-Cresol S S
Phenols Methyl salicylate S S
Polyhydric Alcohols Ethylene glycol S S
Polyhydric Alcohols Glycerol S S
Polyhydric Alcohols Propylene glycol S S
Polyhydric Alcohols Diethylene glycol I S
Polyhydric Alcohols Triethylene glycol I S
Polyhydric Alcohols Dipropylene glycol I I
Water Water I I