Non-Functionalized Polymer

We offer uniform polystyrene (PS), crosslinked poly(styrene/divinylbenzene) (P[S/DVB]), and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) microspheres that may be used as-is for standards or markers, or coated with proteins via adsorption for use in diagnostic tests and assays. See TechNote 204, Adsorption to Microspheres. Our spheres are synthesized via emulsion polymerization, and are available in diameters from ~20nm-90µm, with typical size CVs of 5-10%. For applications that require highly stringent CVs (e.g. 2-5%), call for product availability. Most products are supplied as a 10% solids suspension (100mg/mL) in de-ionized water with surfactant and sodium azide.

PS and P(S/DVB)

Many proteins may be easily and stably absorbed to hydrophobic, non-functionalized microspheres. Divinylbenzene (DVB) confers additional solvent and heat resistance to our crosslinked spheres. Unless noted otherwise, PS and P(S/DVB) microspheres are available as ~10% solids (w/w) aqueous suspensions in these standard amounts: 0.5g, 1.0g, 1.5g, and 5.0g

Catalog Code Diameter(µm)
PS02N ≤ 0.49
PS03N 0.50 - 0.99
PS04N 1.00 - 1.99
PS05N 2.00 - 4.99
PS06N 5.00 - 9.99
PS07N 10.00 - 24.99
PS08N ≥ 25.00


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PMMA microspheres are available for applications that require characteristics different from those of PS. PMMA microspheres are suitable for adsorption, while offering a less hydrophobic surface than PS. PMMA microspheres are supplied as ~10% solids (w/w) aqueous suspensions in these standard amounts: 0.5g, 1.0g, 1.5g, and 5.0g.

Catalog Code Diameter
PP02N ≤ 0.49
PP03N 0.50 - 0.99
PP04N 1.00 - 1.99
PP05N 2.00 - 4.99
PP06N ≥ 5.00

LArge Polymer

Our large, polydisperse PS- and PMMA-based microspheres are synthesized at scales that allow highly economical pricing. Large polymer microspheres are supplied dry and are available in these standard amounts: 10g, 25g, 50g, and 100g.

Catalog Code Diameter
BB01N 1 - 10
BB03N 10 - 99 sieved
BB05N ≥  100 sieved